Stephen Chiau: a guide for the perplexed

From an article in Cinema Scope magazine (24.6.2002), here are more detailed suggestions for further viewing. Chinese video stores or web-based retailers of Asian VCDs and DVDs will have all of the following. Most store employees might not recognize the films' English titles,so use the approximate pinyin pronunciations or copy or print the Chinese characters below. Each film title (in Englsh) is linked to its entry in the Hong Kong Movie Database.

Two gambling comedies:
All For the Winner 1990 Du sheng
God of Gamblers 2 1990 Du xia
Two costume comedies:
Justice My Foot 1991 Shen si guan
King of Beggars 1993 Wu zhuang yuang: Su Qi Er
From Beijing With Love 1994 Guo chan ling ling qi
Out of the Dark 1995 Hui hun ye
A Chinese Odyssey I & II 1995 Xi you ji
God of Cookery 1996 Shi Shen
King of Comedy 1999 Xi ju zhi wang

If these whet your appetite, see the complete list of Stephen Chiau films from the Hong Kong Movie Database.

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