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Festival programming & consulting
Guest curator: City at Light Speed: Hong Kong cinema since 1997 Cinematheque Ontario June 2002
Consultant, mainland Chinese film programme Far East Film Festival, Udine May 2002
Print/online publications (revised May 2002)
Alice Mak & Brian Tse's My Life as McDull: review Cinema Scope June 2002, issue 11, p. 70
Stephen Chiau: a guide for the perplexed Cinema Scope March 2002, issue 10, pp. 18-21
David Bordwell's Planet Hong Kong: book review Chinese Cinema Page March, 2002
Tsai Ming-liang's What Time Is It There: review Persimmon Spring 2002, vol. III, no. 1, pp. 89-91
Interview: Johnnie to and Wai Ka-fai Senses of Cinema Jan-Feb. 2002, Issue 18
Reel Asian Film Festival (Toronto): Leaving In Sorrow: review Chinese Cinema Page December, 2001
East Asian films at the 26th Toronto International Film Festival: a report Senses of Cinema Nov-Dec. 2001, Issue 17
Wang Chao's The Orphan of Anyang (Anyang de guer): review Cinema Scope September 2001, Issue 8, pp. 19-20
Singing Chen's Bundled (Wo jiao A Ming la): review Cinemaya Summer 2001, Issue 52, pp. 33-35
Aubrey Lam's Twelve Nights: review Cinemaya Spring 2001, Issue 51, pp. 22-24
Jia Zhangke's Platform (Zhantai): review CineAction Spring 2001. Issue 54, pp. 67-70
Johnnie To and Wai Ka-fai's Help!!!: review Senses of Cinema Feb-March 2001, Issue 12
Interview with Tsai Ming-liang Positions: east asia cultures critique Fall 2000, Volume 8:2, pp. 579-588
The Hong Kong International Film Festival 2000: review article CineAction Winter 2000, no. 53, pp. 64-72
Time blossoms, time fades: In the Mood for Love: feature article Cinema Scope Fall 2000, issue 5
Little Cheung: Toronto Film Festival review Cinema Scope Fall 2000, issue 5
Not One Less: review Persimmon Winter 2001, Vol. 1, no. 3
Shower: film review Cinema Scope Summer 2000, issue 4
Man Man Woman Woman: film review & interview Virtual China June 2, 2000
Sausalito: film review Virtual China May 19, 2000
Hollywood East: Hong Kong movies and the people who make them: book review Virtual China March 1, 2000
Darkness and Light (TIFF 1999 film review) CineAction Feb. 2000, no. 52, pp. 60-61
Best of the Nineties list;

In the Heat of the Sun film review

Cinema Scope Winter 2000, issue 2, p. 47 & p. 56
Love Will Tear Us Apart: film review Cinemaya Winter 1999, issue 46, pp. 20-22
Zhang Yimou in Lumière et Compagnie (1995): 52 seconds x 9 readings: an exercise in over-interpretation Asian Cinema Fall 1998 vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 112-117
Edward Yang: a Taiwanese independent filmmaker in conversation (co-written with Lisa Roosen-Runge) CineAction Sept. 1998, no. 47, pp. 48-55
Allegory and ambiguity in Zhang Yimou’s Shanghai Triad CineAction Feb. 1997, no. 42, pp. 15-17


Conference paper
Zhang Yimou in Lumière et Compagnie (1995): 52 seconds x 9 readings: an exercise in over-interpretation Asian Cinema Studies Society Conference, Peterborough, Canada August 1997

Feature interview: Canadian critic builds website devoted to Chinese language cinema Sing Tao Daily (Toronto edition) 18 July 2001
Hollywood zooms in on China, by Franklin Paul CNNfn May 22, 2000
Feature interview on the Chinese film industry The World Today, BBC World Service August 14, 1999


Internet media
The Chinese Cinema List Editor of an email discussion list on Chinese language cinemas March 1999-present
A Chinese Cinema Page Writer, editor and webmaster of a web site devoted to Chinese language cinemas 1995-present

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