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updated February 2003

Lisa Roosen-Runge
Toronto, Canada

March 21, 1997 marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Johann (Jan) Roosen (21.03.1797 to 17.5.1872). He became an orphan, and was raised by the Runge family. To honour this, he later petitioned the Hamburg city-state Senate to allow him to join the two families' names together, resulting in Roosen-Runge. Anyone named Roosen-Runge is directly related to this man. June 30, 1856 is when this name change was approved (originally as Roosen=Runge), and 50 people celebrated the anniversary June 30, 1997 in my backyard!)

Most of his descendants are in Germany and South America (Brazil and Venezuela), but some are in the United States and one branch is in Canada.

To try out my WWW version of the Roosen-Runge family tree (a work in progress, very incomplete) click here! If you are not included but should be, please email me.