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New reviews & articles

Absence as spectacle: Zhang Yimou's Hero [Yingxiong] new

Lai Man-wai: father of Chinese cinema: a documentary by Choi Kai-kwong

Year end list-time: The Best Films of 2002 (Chinese and otherwise)

Chinese films at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival: notes on Unknown Pleasures, Chicken Poets, Together, Shaolin Soccer, Public Toilet, and Springtime in a Small Town (from Senses of Cinema Film Journal website)

Springtime in a Small Town [Xiao cheng zhi chun], by Tian Zhuangzhuang (from the Cinema Scope website)

Spring Subway [Kaiwang chuntian de ditie], by Zhang Yibai

My Life as McDull [Maidou gushi], by Alice Mak, Brian Tse, and Toe Yuen

Chinese short films at the Worldwide Short Film Festival (Toronto): a review

Stephen Chiau: a guide for the perplexed from Cinema Scope magazine (with list of recommended film titles)

City at Light Speed: Hong Kong cinema since 1997: a series curated for Cinematheque Ontario, June 7-19, 2002, Toronto, Canada

from the Cinematheque Ontario website: overview essay and film intros: Durian Durian, Little Cheung, Twelve Nights, Eighteen Springs, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Lan Yu, Glass Tears, Juliet in Love, The Mission

Millennium Mambo [Qianxi manbo]: directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien

The Mission [Qianghuo]: directed by Johnnie To (revised)

Fish and Elephant [Jinnian xiatian]: directed by Li Yu

Planet Hong Kong, by David Bordwell: a book review

Reel Asian Film Festival 2001 / Leaving In Sorrow [Youyou chouchou de zou le], directed by Vincent Chiu

Johnnie To & Wai Ka-fai: interviewed in Toronto (from Senses of Cinema Film Journal website)

East Asian films at the 2001 Toronto International Film Festival (from the Senses of Cinema Film Journal website):

    reviews of Tsai Ming-liang's What Time is it There [Ni neibian jidian], Hou Hsiao-hsien's Millennium Mambo [Tianxi manbo], Wang Xiaoshuai's Beijing Bicycle [Shiqisui de danche], and Zhang Yang's Quitting [Zuotian].

The Orphan of Anyang: [Anyang de guer], directed by Wang Chao

Twelve Nights: [Shi er ye], directed by Aubrey Lam 

Time and Tide: [Shun liu ni liu], directed by Tsui Hark 

Durian Durian: [Liulian piao piao], directed by Fruit Chan 

Platform: [Zhantai], directed by Jia Zhangke 

reference: Milkyway Image films: a complete list 

Spacked Out: [Wu ren jia shi], directed by Lawrence Ah Mon 

Suzhou River: [Suzhou He], directed by Lou Ye

Help!!!: [La shou hui chun], directed by Wai Ka-fai and Johnnie To (published in Senses of Cinema

Little Cheung: [Xi Lu Xiang], directed by Fruit Chan

Wu Yen: [Zheng Wuyan], directed by Johnnie To and Wai Ka-fai

Hong Kong films 2000: some capsule reviews UPDATED

    including: A War Named Desire, Diamond Hill, Needing You, Jiang Hu: the Triad Zone, And I Hate You So, Juliet in Love, Okinawa Rendez-vous, and The Mission

Fly Me To Polaris: [Xing yuan], directed by Jingle Ma

In The Mood For Love [Hua yang nian hua], directed by Wong Kar-wai (from Cinema Scope magazine)

Not One Less [Yi ge dou bu neng shao], directed by Zhang Yimou (excerpt: from Persimmon Magazine)

Happy Together [Chun guang zha xie], directed by Wong Kar-wai 

Book review: John Charles' The Hong Kong Filmography

Man Man Woman Woman [Nan nan nü nü], directed by Liu Bingjian (at Virtual China)

Sausalito [Yi jian zhong qing], starring Maggie Cheung (at Virtual China)

The Stormriders [Fung yun zhi xiongba tianxia], directed by Andrew Lau Wai-keung

Love Will Tear Us Apart [Tianshang renjian], directed by Nelson Yu Lik-wai

In the Heat of the Sun [Yangguang canlan de rizi], directed by Jiang Wen

Asia Weekly chooses the Best Chinese films of the century

Fin de siècle list-mania: I succumb, and chose my own "best Chinese-language films of the 90s"

March of Happiness [Tian ma cha fang], directed by Lin Cheng-sheng

The Personals [Zheng hun qi shi], directed by Chen Kuo-fu

Bullets Over Summer [Bao lie xing jing], directed by Wilson Yip Wai-shun

Away With Words [San tiao ren], directed by Christopher Doyle

Tempting Heart [Xin dong], directed by Sylvia Chang

Sleepless Town [Bu ye cheng], directed by Lee Chi-ngai

When I Look Upon the Stars [Tian xuan di lian], directed by Dante Lam Chiu-yin

Chinese films at the Toronto Film Festival 1999: a preview

Recently in print (and on air)

China vs. Hollywood: the BBC World Service talks to me about cultural hegemony 

Zhang Yimou in Lumiere et Compagnie: 52 seconds x 9 readings: an exercise in over-interpretation

Edward Yang in conversation: excerpts from an interview

A full list of publications (print and otherwise, to May, 2000)

1998 reviews

3 new Hong Kong films, from the 1998 Toronto International Film Festival (Beauty, The Poet, & My Rice Noodle Shop) 

Love Go Go [Ai qing lai le], directed by Chen Yu-hsun 

Sweet Degeneration [Fang lang], directed by Lin Cheng-sheng 

Made in Hong Kong [Xiang gang zhi zao], directed by Fruit Chan  COMING PRETTY SOON

Beast Cops [Ye shou xing jing], directed by Gordon Chan 

Anna Magdalena, directed by Hai Chung-man 

Island of Greed [Hei jin], directed by Michael Mak 

First Love: the Litter on the Breeze [Chu chan lian hou de er ren shi jie], directed by Eric Kot 

Hong Kong films 1997: some capsule reviews REVISED

Eighteen Springs [Ban sheng yuan], directed by Ann Hui 

 Review archive: 1995 1996 1997


Killing me tenderly [Ai nin ai dao sha si nin], directed by Lee Lik-chi

Irma Vep, starring Maggie Cheung, directed by Olivier Assayas  REVISED

Lifeline [Shi wan huo ji], directed by Johnny To Kei-fung

Shanghai Triad [Yao ya yao, yao dao waipo qiao], directed by Zhang Yimou, starring Gong Li and Li Baotian

Four Faces of Eve [Si mian Xiawa], starring Sandra Ng Kwun-yu

Young and Dangerous: the series/the phenomenon [Gu huo zi I-III], directed by Andrew Lau Wai-keung

Scarred Memory [Bao jie qing qing], directed by Ray Leung

Viva Erotica [Se qing nan nü], directed by Derek Yee Tung-sing 

Lost and Found [Tian ya hai jiao], directed by Lee Chi-ngai 

Beyond Hypothermia [She shi 32º], directed by Patrick Leung Pak-kin 


Hu Du Men , directed by Shu Kei 

Ah Kam [A Jin de gushi], directed by Ann Hui, starring Michelle Yeoh 

Recent mainland China films at the 1996 Vancouver Int'l Film Festival 

Postman [Youchai], directed by He Jianjun 

Floating Life  [Fu sheng], directed by Clara Law 

Goodbye South Goodbye  [Nanguo zaijian nanguo], directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien 

Tonight Nobody Goes Home  [Jintian bu huijia], directed by Sylvia Chang 

Irma Vep , directed by Olivier Assayas, and starring Maggie Cheung 


The Golden Girls [Shan shui you xiang feng] 

Police Confidential [Zhen han xing chou wen] 

Blush [Hong fen] 

The Breath [Unihoozuki] 

Fallen Angels [Duo luo tian shi] 

Love Letter

Maiden Rose [Nuer hong] 

On The Beat [Min jing gu shi] 

Siao Yu. [Shao nu Xiao Yu] 

Articles, lists, and other writings

The Spring issue of the journal Cineaction (No. 42, April 1997) was devoted to Chinese cinema. Among the articles are: 

  • an article by me: Allegory and ambiguity in Zhang Yimou's Shanghai Triad
  • The films of Ning Ying, by Jerry White
  • Oppositional politics of Chinese everyday practices, by Monica Hulsbus
  • Music and femininity in Zhang Yimou's family melodrama, by Yanmei Wei
  • Centre-stage: reconstructing the biopic, by Julian Stringer
  • East-West politics, by Patrick Tan

See what happens when the New York Times finds you as the only non-Asian waiting in line for a Cui Jian rock concert in New York... 

a list of all the Young and Dangerous [Goo wat jai] spin-offs, sequels, prequels, and other progeny 

a complete list of the films produced by UFO (United Filmmakers Organisation], 1992-2000 

One meets the most interesting people at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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